back to the countryside ! after being in vienna for 13 years i went back close to kufstein/tirol where I was born. kiefersfelden is located in the very south of germany/bavaria right on the border to austria/tirol. i grew up 20 km from here so i know this region very well ….and… i love it! ok, there were a few breaks in between these 13 years. 8 month from the end of 2009 when i left to india/nepal/thailand for 8 month, and from there i went on to cologne where my love of that time lived. we met together in northindia. i guess it was somewhen in 2011 when i came back to vienna again. i ll tell about the years from 2011 to 2018 in another post

House “Dreschtina” August 2018
House “Dreschtina” October 2018

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