paradoxically to the title there is a story. The title rather points to the inexplicability of an abstract image. no thing is something that defies conceptualization. Here now to the story which contributed to the emergence of this painting. It is based on an experience of a trip to East Greenland/Scoresbysund. The world’s largest and […]

the climatechanger

On my first trip to iceland with my twin sister heidi, we circumnavigated the island. Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull, lies in the south. If the melting continues at this rate, the ice there will have disappeared completely in 80 years at the latest. Of course, no one really knows, but at the moment everything points […]

Isle of Bliss

Thinking-Search/Addiction-Identity The sculpture “The Thinker” in the river is the result of a multi-layeredconceptually elaborated idea.I did this work exactly 10 years ago and it was by no means my intention to implementRodin’s ingenious masterpiece “The Thinker” lightly and, as it might seem, sarcastically.Rodin’s original sculpture is in the upper part of his monumental work […]


object_cardboard 200 x 200 cm_kiefersfelden 2020 the object 20-RED-20 made from cardboard is for a friend of mine, paul vadasz, an architect based in kufstein. signal red is “the color” that forces us to be attentive. you can’t escape it, it comes at you. red is the opposite of blue in terms of psychological perception. […]

the great deception

The end of faith … upheaval Probably the first to take an internal position on this statement areso-called intellectual realists.The world view of these people is simply based on the fundamental achievements or hierarchies of our scientific complex.Physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, pharmacology, astronomy etc.The common western concept promised enlightenment from the very beginning. With constantly […]

this post is about my hypothesis how the loss of lived mythology affects western societies

leaves in the wind

At the end of March 2020 I had mounted 36 masks on the brunches of a tree next to the road. These masks were part of an object from 1999 with the title “Be at home, look out”, where they were mounted on an old 6-part window. Object “sei zuhaus, schau hinaus” 1999/ old window/36 […]

IKSIT 2020 – SYMPOSIUM basic thoughts to the work Identification arises through our physicality and everything related to itstands, so everything that surrounds us, as well as the resulting feelings, also with the authority in us that thinks about it. At the age of 6 to 18 months a self-reference develops, the identification with the […]

Death Doll

To die Inhale… Exhale… The seduced mind is turned to the light, in search of knowledge, but mainly turned away from the impotence of transience and the profound depth of infinite nothing with which every breath connects us.Our physical appearance has grown entirely from the resources of this planet and for the duration of this […]

Science is a principle that arises from the natural curiosity to explore its habitat from the logical original reason. Every living being is introduced into the world through the nature of free play. Of course, everything does not have to be experienced every time anew, because the genetic information helps to transmit memories on a […]


i remember my elementary school years when i got animal cards to learn. A blue whale was shown on one of these cards and I was fascinated by the enormous size and streamlined shape of this whale. But even more than this picture of the whale itself is the memory of a feeling that I […]


a photoproject/Eastgreenland/Scoresbysund – coming soon scoresbysund is the largest fjordsystem on earth and a stunning beautiful and really remote place in eastgreenland. the photoproject is a about tranforming these massive icesculptures into something very different, into bodies, masks, faces by photographing them in black and white highcontrast monochrome and mirroing them even tough they were […]

Hannes Seebacher


Inana/Ištar is by far the most complex of all Mesopotamian deities, displaying contradictory, even paradoxical traits (Harris 1991; see also Bahrani 2000) i-star is related to this very complex deity from the early time of Akkadia. But for me it is not about gender acting in this figur, because sometimes this goddess is described as […]

Hannes Seebacher

studio apriltsi/bulgaria

in northwest of bulgaria is the region of lovech. apriltsi is a little village right in the middle of the zentralbalkan nationalpark. there is really an amazingly beautiful landscape with high mountains. the highest peak is botew with 2376 m and there is no cable railway or something like that, just wild roads, where you […]

Hannes Seebacher

About the pictograms

This 3 signs/icons or pictograms symbolize my surname SEE BACH ER. the german word “see” is a lake in english and a lake means calmness, motionlessness – “Bach” is a creek and suggest motion. “Er” is he, the observer, the subject. for me, everything in life revolves around these 3 phenomena.

Hannes Seebacher

I had this studio from 2014 to 2018. Since that time a good friend of mine and excellent artist Sami Ajouri took over.

Hannes Seebacher


back to the countryside ! after being in vienna for 13 years i went back close to kufstein/tirol where I was born. kiefersfelden is located in the very south of germany/bavaria right on the border to austria/tirol. i grew up 20 km from here so i know this region very well ….and… i love it! […]

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