studio apriltsi/bulgaria

in northwest of bulgaria is the region of lovech. apriltsi is a little village right in the middle of the zentralbalkan nationalpark. there is really an amazingly beautiful landscape with high mountains. the highest peak is botew with 2376 m and there is no cable railway or something like that, just wild roads, where you eather hike or you go offroad. You have wolves and bears and lots of wild pigs – so cool, and crystal clear water coming down. however, this wasn´t the reason for me to go down there to work, it was much more the possibility of acquirable space to get. My brother in law (he is doing transportbusiness) and me rented a hall of 360 qm for € 180 a month.

okayyyy, it is not the sufisticated brilliant western style factory hall but it had it´s charme. i felt pioneering spirit again which was what i needed that time. it remained me back to the time of my childhood in tyrol in many cases. people sitting on benches next to the road and talking or just watching cars passing by. from midnight on no lights on any roads or places. I mean, you could see the stars, what a gift. power cuts like on the countryside of india of half an hour or longer per day were quite normal. everything was decelerated. i guess i m raving about good old times now :-))) … problems ? of course, lots and lots of problems everywhere around there, you can imagine that.

this is the house where i stayed when i was there – 2 km away from the workingspace

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