object_cardboard 200 x 200 cm_kiefersfelden 2020

the object 20-RED-20 made from cardboard is for a friend of mine, paul vadasz, an architect based in kufstein. signal red is “the color” that forces us to be attentive. you can’t escape it, it comes at you. red is the opposite of blue in terms of psychological perception. just think of the sky, or the sea which has a calming effect on us through its appearance, it allows us to flow into space and expand. 2020 is a year that throws us back on ourselves. It is about introspection, it is about our inner self, in a metaphysical sense. The object 20-RED-20 is related to architecture, to structure, to space, to construction, to body and skin . It was important to me to sensually invert this complex, freely designed construction that protrudes into the room through the monochrome color scheme, to turn the inside inside out.

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