the great deception

“headache” ooc 155 x 125 cm/vienna/ 2011

The end of faith … upheaval

Probably the first to take an internal position on this statement are
so-called intellectual realists.
The world view of these people is simply based on the fundamental achievements or hierarchies of our scientific complex.
Physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, pharmacology, astronomy etc.
The common western concept promised enlightenment from the very beginning. With constantly new findings and their technological output, this complex is expanding into ever new specific branches.
Atheism is also an accompanying phenomenon, because with the help of the explanations provided by the sciences one could escape the supposed burden of having to believe.
One had quasi logical bases for being able to explain life and its origin in a linear logical sequence.

The intellect seems to be the instrument to split.
Our surgically analytical side, evoked by the path of individuation dissected
everything in the outside world, so to speak. In order not to misunderstand this, also the inside of the body as well as the psyche are shifted to the outside world by the phenomenon of the I-feeling.

What results from this is a FUNDAMENTALLY wrong view of our life, of our living conditions and of course in the first instance of us SELF.

Everyone who makes a statement from this point of view about the meaning of life as well as about the “finiteness” of life, i.e. about that which goes beyond death, must be mistaken.
It does not matter whether someone is a believer in a religion, in science or a believer in his I.

The present Western world is a thoroughly exoteric world and this means the loss of an inner home. I am NOT talking about the ego, but about a being that connects with everything and penetrates the limits of our perception.
Because faith and exoterically adapted knowledge come from the same root.

What we are now experiencing is a change in this direction. A purely outward-looking way of life can, in the most honest sense, seek solutions by reason, but this is another fallacy, for individual striving is, by definition, closest to itself. Cooperations are therefore also based on this principle. Those who want to take responsibility in this system, e.g. politicians, can only operate through an interplay between “rules/laws” and an illusory freedom. However, since these systems have become so dense, they are beginning to block each other. The so-called powerful ones have to logically demonstrate their power in this time, because the inner logic demands this from their point of view. Even if you try everything to make it look as if it is for the general public, it is and remains nothing but “selfishness”. Control as a principle, namely on all levels, because even this starts with oneself, is the only remaining mechanism.

These systems are already collapsing and this collapse is going down to its root cause, the ME. No one has thought up this transformation, this collapse that is taking place for the time being. No, it is the grinder of the cosmos under which these changes take place and it is important to understand that time is relative to one’s own striving and will.

A classical patient today defends himself against an illness with all medical means.
The illness is seen and felt as an infestation, as a functional disorder, as something inappropriate, unethical.
It must be combated in the same way as the various systematic threats in a society and, as I have already said, this can only happen under the principle of control.
Failure is inevitable, because control is an attempt to hold on instead of letting go.
All approaches, no matter how visionary they may sound, therefore point in the wrong direction. They are comparable to the regulation of a river, which seemed to make sense for generations, but which is pushed to its limits by the immutability of cyclical processes in the essence of nature.

The fear we encounter along the way is ultimately the fear of our own death, at least the current idea of it.

As soon as this idea has fallen, the path opens up to connect everything with the One and the One with everything.

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