Death Doll

Hannes Seebacher
Death Doll_ooc_170 x 130 cm_Kiefersfelden 2019

To die

Inhale… Exhale…

The seduced mind is turned to the light, in search of knowledge, but mainly turned away from the impotence of transience and the profound depth of infinite nothing with which every breath connects us.
Our physical appearance has grown entirely from the resources of this planet and for the duration of this experience we are permanently connected to this system in an interactive rhythmic exchange of information.
I see the fear of dying as the foundation of all fears, a primary reason which is more natural wise the desire, or the urge to live, because this contrast creates the drive.
This fear is based solely on the experience of this subjective separation, on an established, solid ego experience that reflect its on finality in a conclusion.
This subjective separation cannot be overcome by pure thinking, because thinking is also the reason for this separation.
Thinking is bound to the physically sensual experience and is therefore perceived as the basis of being aware of yourself.
So if the body dies, the mind also dies is the only rational conclusion.
Inhaling is a principle of a cycle that connects with the world and exhaling is a principle that breaks away from the world.
So we come into this world with a first breath and we leave it with a last breath.
Between these two phase transitions lies what we call life and in my opinion there is only one way to transcend the rational idea of ​​this life and that is the way inwards. Overcoming a limited identification as a result of the penetration of the ego sensation, an insertion into the biosphere system.
Environment and body are one.

T.S.Elliot once wrote:

“I have been freed from the self that claims to be someone, and by becoming nobody, I start to live. It is worth dying to find what life is. “

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