the climatechanger

the climatechanger_ooc_150 x 110 cm_Wien 2015

On my first trip to iceland with my twin sister heidi, we circumnavigated the island. Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull, lies in the south. If the melting continues at this rate, the ice there will have disappeared completely in 80 years at the latest. Of course, no one really knows, but at the moment everything points in that direction. In any case, this fact once again confronted me with this constricting feeling of letting go. If one sees a flower pass away, then this spectacle runs in comparison to it of course in Zeitraffa. The more I become aware of this feeling and the recognition of omnipresent change arising from it, the more I am able to see this immediate beauty as immediate.

In the painting “the climatechanger” I chop up a block of ice so that it melts faster. It was a kind of a performance that not only indirectly involves me as an observer in this process, but also shows me as a part, as an actor!

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